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mwa hahahah

2009-09-16 23:12:40 by ghostxero

one step closer to 1000 posts...

another world

2009-08-31 22:00:48 by ghostxero

another world exists.....its existance begins at 8:00 pm when the sun begins to fade to black, and the dead stars of the galaxy come out to watch humanity. the hum of the street lights, flickering, showing glimpses of the seedy side of humanity, drunks stumbling, whores smiling that dagger toothed smile of lust and temporary love. loons speaking in personal tongues as they tremor and walk down dark allies to homes amongst the shadows. then there is me, im here cause i have to be, its my job my weapon is my wits and a little luck, searching for what? well that depends..a husband a wife, a child lost to the wrong crowd, loving parents send me to save them. curious spouses send me to spy on them. regardless, i dont exist the shadows are my home. i know your most intimate secrets, your broken truths or true lies.

followed husband today, lunchtime spent at seedy motel, i know it well, the smell of cigarettes and cheap wine with a hint of dead flowers. room 27, only one other car in the parking lot besides his....her car! wait for 40 minutes...the phone rings its wife, shes taking advice, leaving now, on way from appointment to get daughter, shes fed up wants a better life for daughter and self, tells me she called him left message about 5 minutes ago, its over shes gone. on phone with her he appears in doorway clothes a mess shirt untucked and arguing with woman he steps out turns yells something she yells back he goes back inside. I assess situation, wife needs time to get home and pack things, instinct takes over i get out car and walk to the room, knife in pocket being unsheathed, rear tire of driver side and front tire of passenger side punctured as i walk by. as i walk away door opens and voices can be heard again, i round corner and go to second floor corner of building and watch husband get into car and put in reverse , he realises something wrong and gets out tires bleeding air, he looks around, even if he calls AAA still 45-60 minutes before they get there, i call wife tell her she has 1 hour to get things and be gone....she cries thank you i tell her waste no time and hang up...a smile creeps across my face

met with wife again tonight, new bruises on wrists from husband, fought about picking up lil girl from school on monday. wife has doctors appointment, husband has "plans" fight ensues, pushing, screaming, threats are made. i sit, watch her cry as daughter plays in ball pit of mcdonalds, looking at her smiling, playing...something must be done about this! i take pictures of new bruises, ask her about daughters welfare, so far husband keeps abuse to wife. i understand a mothers love, her willingness to take all the pain, i am the sole son of a single mother, seen it first hand when i was younger. i tell her in few days dont go home stay with family, im torn between job as a p.i. and duty as a decent human being. could "talk" to him let them leave and accept loss of family or loss of life, choice his.....

followed abusive father of girl, he was eating with woman, woman not wife! touching her and laughing, telling jokes. wonder if shes knows whats at home waiting for him, scared girl, scared wife. wife paid me to follow him for leads to help in divorce. she says shes had enough of his abuse, i only charge her half usual rate. when i first met her she was suprised, im so young, so different from what she thought a private investigator would be like, not old, not white. shes a good mother, married to the wrong father. he doesnt care she says. doesnt try anymore. verbal and physical abuse. i tell her it will be ok. i see the look on the little girls face, a look of desperate hope but not for herself, for her mother! the resilience of children is the reserve of god.

the ghost

2009-08-05 20:15:45 by ghostxero

im black. im goth, my dick is the original lord HUMUNGOUS and im looking for innocent looking white and asian girls to rip in half with it......

the ghost